You Have To Think For Yourself….

In todays environment, we are bombarded with information on how to change challenges in our life. Whether these challenges are low back pain, neck pain, headaches, swine flu, money problems, marriage problems, etc….. someone claims to have an answer.

The problem is, if you research your options, you will usually find conflicting information….and everyone with an agenda and money (ie pharmaceutical companies) will use there resources to get their message across. The best way to get a trusted message across is through a third party endoursement, especially if the endorsement seems official or unrelated to a product or issue.

For example, press releases are commonly used because if something is reported on the news or in the media, it is assumed to be true. A lot of enteratainment sources are now promoting the agenda’s of special interests. Check out the video to find out about the one that I saw last night……

(Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach. You may visit his website at or . You may reach his office at 850-862-2224


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