What Can Tiger Woods Teach Us About Ourselves?

Its amazing to me how even the successful people, the ones who seem to have it all, have struggles. I think that this is an important lesson for us to learn as the New Year is approaching. We are all human. We all resist change, and no matter how good we are in one area of our life, we have challenges in other areas. The important thing is to keep on plugging along and to try to improve on our weaknesses. This is how we grow, this is how we better serve, this is how we make life worth living. BJ Palmer has a quote that goes something like this: “You never know how far something you do or say today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow…..It is better to be a small flame in the dark than to curse the darkness.” In other words, let your life be an example, let your words be an example of what is possible in life. You never know who you will inspire by striving to constantly improve your life. Think about it, especially if you are a parent…..your kids are watching and learning all of their habits from you. I see it every day in my kids, some habits I am very proud of, some I definately need to change. So, whether you are looking to get rid of Low Back Pain, Headaches, or Neck Pain…..whether you are trying to lose weight……whether you are trying to improve your financial situation…..improve your relationships…..whatever condition you are looking to improve in your life, you can do it. It will be uncomfortable……hard…..aggrivating. ….a challenge, but it will be worth it. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help or if you have any questions that you would like me to cover with this blog. Have a great day! (Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach. You may visit his website at www.GulfCoastChiropracticandWellness.com or www.DrSeanPrice.com. He may be reached at his office at  850-862-2224


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