Pain vs Function

Symptoms vs. Function. Which comes first, the symptoms or the loss of the function in the body?

It is my experience clinically that most people who experience sudden or gradual onset of symptoms typically have had evidence of a history of loss of function prior to the beginning of the symptoms, sometimes the evidence goes back years and years….to a trauma such as a car accident that was never treated.

This loss of function leads to a speeding up of the degenerative processes in the body which eventually leads to symptoms….but the catch is……with the degeneration the symptom is tougher to fix.

What is the best option….get your function checked, maintain proper function through Chiropractic care, exercise, proper diet, proper rest, and a good mental attitude and you may be able to avoid symptoms all together.

If you do get the symptoms, they will be much easier to fix if we are not dealing with degeneration on top of the symptoms.

(Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach. Feel free to visit his website at


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