The Hidden Dangers of Antibiotics

The hidden dangers of antibiotics. It is important when to understand when it is appropriate to use antibiotics and when it is not appopriate. Unfortunately, most people use antibiotics inappropriately and carelessly.

The challenge that a lot of Medical Doctors face is that when someone comes in with a “cold” or just doesn’t feel well….the patient expects something to be done…..that something is usually antibiotics, even if they are not warranted.

The over use of antibiotics is so common that a few years ago the CDC put a full page advertisement in a popular magazine ( I have lost my copy so I cant remember the name) urging people not to over use antibitotics because of the current health epidemic of “superbugs.”

Please watch todays video and arm yourself with knowledge so that you are not contributing to this health crisis, and so that you and your family can maintain a higher level of health.

(Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach. Please feel free to visit his website at


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