The Shocking Mistake You May Be Making

What is the Shocking Mistake that everyone makes? Waiting until you have a problem to fix it. We all realize what happens to our car if we don’t change the oil on a regular basis… we “maintain” our oil changes in order to avoid the huge expense of a new engine.

Well, the same is true with our health, we must maintain our health and wellness…ESPECIALLY…when our health is good. If we wait until we have a health problem or chronic pain or arthritis…etc….then it MAY BE TOO LATE…..AND THE PROBLEM IS, UNLIKE YOUR CAR WHERE YOU CAN BUY A NEW ENGINE OR TRADE THE CAR IN FOR A NEW ONE….THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE HAVE!

Quality of life is directly related to your health….if you are healthy, imagine how your life would be if you lost your health and could no longer do the things you love! Fix your health and maintain your health before it is too late!

This is why I will be reviewing this book with you over the next several posts! Pass this on to your family and friends….lets change the world, lets get everyone as healthy as possible and maintain it!

I truly believe that we are all here to serve a purpose, all of our lives have value and meaning. Our body is the vehicle that we have to express that meaning and live that purpose. Imagine how great our world would be if everyone was living a life of full health and full purposeful expression!

This is my mission with this blog… me achieve it, watch the videos, share the videos, and leave comments and suggestions to help improve this community! Have a great day!

(Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach. Feel free to visit his website at


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