ISR- Infant Swim Resource

Wow! That is all that I can say. As many of you know, I am the proud father of 3 incredible children and have a 4th on the way… other words…..I Love Kids.

I feel that anything that can help save the life of a child should be shared with the world……that is why I am sharing this video with everyone of my daughter Lorelei.

While this video may seem a little disturbing to some of you, let me explain. For the last 6 weeks Lorelei has been taking ISR swim lessons. These are not normal swim lessons as a 2 year old is too young to learn how to swim efficiently. This lessons are designed to teach a child how to survive in the unfortunate event that they fall into a pool (which happens way to often….and often leads to drowning).

We had a close family friend who this happened to and their child is permanently brain damaged….a tragedy that no one should have to endure.

The video that you are about to see is the final test for Lu Lu as we are simulating her falling into a pool with full winter clothes on. Keep in mind, she is wearing jeans, socks, shoes, a onzie, long sleeved shirt, hooded sweat shirt, and a large thick winter jacket with a hood.

The different flips and throws are designed to simulate her falling in the pool in different positions.

The goal is for her to be able to return to a float and cry for help.

Now you will notice Lu Lu crying in this video, she cries during her lessons but all day leading up to the lessons she begs to go to the pool and swim. She is so proud of herself with what she has accomplished.

I hope you all realize how amazing this is and critical to life, especially for us here in Florida, surrounded by water. Please forward this to anyone you know who has small children, have them call me at 850-862-2224 and I will get them in touch with our instructor. Thank you!


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