2 Year Old Getting Adjusted

Ever wonder  what it looks like to adjust a 2 year old?  (Please excuse the pajamas, Lu Lu came in to get her “Pop Pops” and she had just woken up)

So why am I adjusting my youngest daughter.  Because it is critical to her health to have a proper funtioning nervous system.  All of our children  have been adjusted within about 2 days of birth.  We have maintained these adjustments since.

The effects…..(knock on wood)  none of our kids have ever had an ear infection….none have been on antibiotics in at least 7 years…(Zoe and Phoenix have each had one dose of antibiotics 7 years ago, I was in school and didnt know enough not to let this happen)….and they are all very healthy strong kids.

A healthy nervous system equals a healthy immune system which of course equals health!

That is why it is important to keep our children adjusted.

(Dr. Sean Price is a Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach.  Feel free to visit his website at http://www.DrSeanPrice.com or reach him at 850-862-2224)


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