AminoSweet = Aspartame

This is a sneaky technique.  If you arent able to keep on top of these artificial sweetner companies, they will find their way into your diet, one way or another!


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  1. Posted by Donnalee Thrasher on April 24, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Thank you Dr. Price… I have been preaching this for years and everyone poo-hoo’s me. As you know, with Hannah having epileps, this is an absolute no-no. It’s definitely a trigger for her. I’m to understand that it affects the brain and the chemicals adhere themselves to a part of the brain to mock symptoms of MS and other diseases.

    I’m glad that someone like you with credibility is willing to tell the truth. I will send this to my family and friends.

    Thanks again.



    • Thanks Donnalee. It is very difficult to “go against the grain” with a thinking process. I commend you on sticking to your guns. I have noticed that due to the availability of more information, more and more people are waking up to the fact that chemicals are usually dangerous, no matter what the “experts” are telling us. Aspartame is one of them. I am still amazed everytime I hear of a patient being advised to go and start drinking diet soda or eating “sugar free” foods. Most diet books, most products in the diet industry are full of these poisons, but because the product comes from the “health food section” or is labeled a healfood or a diet product, we tend to want to believe it to be healthy. I see the effects of artificial sweetners on patients every single day. These are dangerous poisons and I have to say thank you for fighting the fight!


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