Congruent Behavior

Look at your life…think about it for a few minutes.  Are you happy with where your life is right now?

Are you happy with your health?  Are you happy with your family life?  Are you happy with your financial life?  Are you fulfilled emotionally, spiritually?

If you are, then great!  No need to read the rest of this email, but if you are not totally satisfied with your life, then here is what to do…

It is important to realize that if you want to know what your thoughts were in the past, simply look at the results in your life today.  If you want to know what your future will look like, then look at how you think and act today.

Our chronic thoughts lead to our actions….our repetitive and consistent actions are what gives us our results.  So how do we change our future?  Change our thoughts and actions of today.

It is impossible for our results to be incongruent with our thoughts and consistent actions.  If you choose to  live a life filled with constant thoughts and excuses which lead us actions which will lead to ill health and being overweight, then it is impossible to reach your health goals.  If you continue along this path of thought and action, then you are virtually guaranteeing your future results, and your future does not look good.

Think about it, if you are not satisfied with you physical health right now, and you continue what you have been doing consistenly, then your health will continue to decline, which means that today may very well be the healthiest day of the rest of your life!  (That is scary!)

So what do you do?  Read something inspirational everyday to motivate you and keep your attitude positive.  Start your morning with gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.  Exercise today, even if only 10 minutes, do something physical.  Trade in one portion of one meal today for something healthier.  Get plenty of sleep tonight. And tune up your nervous system, the master controller of your entire body by getting your Chiropractic adjustment. If you are in pain, get adjusted until it is gone, if you are not in pain, get one adjustment in the next 7 days.

Get up tomorrow, and do the same thing, take small steps daily in those main 5 areas of your life and watch your life expand…I believe that congruent and consistent thoughts and actions on improvement can create absolute miracles for you.

Good luck!

Dr. Price

Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor


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