Adding More Fruit and Water To Your Diet

So yesterday we talked about congruent behavior, and how it was next to impossible for your results in your life to be incongruent with you chronic thoughts and habits.

So today I want to give you a quick pointer to help you develope a simple habit that  will begin to move you towards a healthier you.

We all “know” how important it is to drink enough water.  Most of the time, when developing a new habit, “Knowing” is not enough…we just have to do it.

If the habit that we are trying to create in our life is one that is getting rid of a major staple in our life, then most of the time, “knowing” will not be enough.  We will simply give in to the old ways of thinking and behaving, often without realizing it.

One way to make a major habit change is to have a major motivating factor, usually some kind of painful experience.  For example, many of the patients that I know that were able to quit smoking cold turkey usually did so because of a heart attack, or at least a very serious scare of a heart attack.

Most people that make drastic dietary changes due so either because of a diagnosis of a lifestyle related illness like heart disease or diabetes.

In other words, most people are simply more motivated by fear then they are by benefits.

So what is a simple way to create a new healthy habit without having to be motivated by fear?

I like to use the “addition” principle.  So this is what we are going to do.

For the next 21 days ( I pick 21 days because that is how long it takes to form a new habit) I am going to ask you to add into your diet 8 Glasses of water and 1 Piece of Organic Fruit.

That is it, simply add these two critical items for hydration and nutrients into your diet for 21 days.  No other changes….you do not have to subtract anything at all.  You can drink the water at any point during the day, just make sure you get all 8 glasses.  You can have the fruit at any time during the day….just make sure you get one piece everyday.

Pay attention to your body and your cravings and see what happens.

Let me know.

Dr. Sean Price

Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor


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