Small People Doing Small Things

“Small people in small places doing small things did this.”

Why have I put this quote at the top of today’s entry?  Where was this quote written?  When you find out where it was written, it will change from a group of words into an inspirational quote that will motivate you through many of your hard times.  But I will get to that in a minute.

Now you may be saying to yourself…. “Why in the world is my Chiropractor sending me information on success principles?  What the $@#@!@ does this have to do with my back pain?”

Well, let me first explain.  I am a huge student of personal developement.  I can still remember when I was in my senior year of college and got my first Anthony Robbins book, I was hooked.  I have spent the last 20 years studying personal developement.

When I read at night, these are the books I read.  When I am in the car, I rarely listen to the radio, if I am alone, I am listening to personal developement cd’s.  I do this to improve my life, my family’s life, and the lives of my patients.

You see, it is my passion to study how to make the most out of the gift that God has given us…. our life.  Whether I am studying time tested principles of success and health and wellness, or diving into the new theories and discoveries of biochemistry, physical medicine, endocrinology, or what ever new information is out there, it is for one purpose….to try to improve the world around me.

I see our time on this earth as being one of the most amazing times to be alive….Yes I agree, there are a lot of challenges…but when else in History have we had so much opportunity to learn and so much opportunity to be involved with so many people across the entire world, with just the click of a button?  This is truly an amazing time to be alive.

One of the challenges that has come with our society, however, is that we have become a society of instant gratification, instant results, speed….speed….speed.  Just look at all of the advertising, lose 30 lbs in 30 days!  Get your tax refund today!  Heck, we don’t even have to wait for a letter any more!

The problem with many of these stories of instant gratification and “overnight successes” is that no one ever sees the work that went into these successes.  And the truth is, if there wasnt any work involved, the successes don’t last.

For example, there are many weightloss programs and products on the market.  I have watched many patients go through these and lose weight rapidly….30,40,50 lbs in just a couple of short months, but because a solid foundation was never set through lifestyle changes, whenever they got off of their miracle product or miracle medicine, there wait always returns.

Business owners who jump into a business and have immediate success…but never had to lay a foundation of strenght through failures and struggles will usually end up failing in the long run, as soon as hard times hit, because they will not have the foundation to stand on to fight the hard times.

I know, you are thinking… “ok Doc,  you are rambling…get to the point!”

I know that what I am about to say doesn’t apply to you personally :), but I bet you know someone it applies to.

The point is this, the people that we love around us have chosen to live a lifetime of small poor choices such as poor diet, poor posture, not getting enough sleep, “stinking thinking”, no exercise, and not maintaining a healthy nervous system through regular Chiropractic adjustments.  These small choices, made on a daily basis have led our country into the healthcare crisis that we are currently facing.  The individuals have become victims to the “speed game.”  They  have moved from natural time tested principles in which you have to “do the work” to help your body heal….instead to the mindset that there is a pill, potion or a lotion to fix anything.

You have instead fallen pray to the bombardment of instant gratification messages.  Our bodies are fabulous self healing organisms…but we have to do the work, if not, if we look for quick fixes (diet pills, the newest miracle “juice”, toxic medications, steroid injections, surgeries, etc) we will not have the foundation to build our health on, and our health will crumble.

This is why I send you messages of personal developement and success principles, because I want to change our community and I cannot do it alone.  We have to first take responsibility for ourselves, then for our family, then move ourselves into our community.

BJ Palmer used to say “You never know how far something you do or say today may effect the lives of millions tomorrow”

I want us to build a community of leaders and healers, one person at a time…and watch the miracles unfold.  Please share these posts with your friends and families and lets build a stronger tomorrow….together…one person at a time.

Dr. Price

Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor

P.S. #1)  The qoute above was written on the Berlin wall…small people doing small things took down and entire government!

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