Darvocet Pulled From The Market

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I talked about the dangers of prescription medications and how it would be so much more beneficial to lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid the potential side effects of medications.

Let me say again…. I am not a medication nazi…I do believe that there is a time and a place for medications…. the example that I gave yesterday was my wife Kelly and her asthma, I would not want her to be caught without her inhaler.

Well, another pain medicine has been pulled off of the market by the FDA.  It was actually pulled back in November, the popular pain reliever called  Darvocet.

Apparently it has been causing heart arrhthmias that can be fatal!

I guess that is one way to relieve pain…right?

Unfortunately, this is just another story in the big book of harmful medications….this was a more common mild to moderate pain medications but well known among pain specialists to be ineffective in pain management.  Well, apparently the risk associated with Darvocet outweighs the benefits.

I know that in life, it can be easier to pop a pill and hope it helps, but uscin conservative treatments such as Chiropractic and Massage Therapy should definately be given consideration…honestly…they are more effective without the side effects.

See you tomorrow,

Dr. Sean Price
Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor

P.S.)  Check out tomorrow’s email…you won’t believe this…osteoporosis meds causing fractures?

(Dr. Price is a Chiropractor serving the Fort Walton Beach Community.  Dr. Price has had much success in treating patients suffering from Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash (or other injuries suffered in a car accident).  Utilizing his nonsurgical spinal decompression technologies, Dr. Price has helped many patients find long term relief from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, spinal degeneration, herniated discs, buldging discs, and arthritis.  You can find Dr. Price in Fort Walton Beach by visiting http://www.DrSeanPrice.com or call his office at 850-862-2224.)


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