Way of Being #3- Be Attractive

Hello Everyone,

We all try to spend our days being all things to all people.  Unfortunately, we are not meant to please everyone.

As we talked about yesterday, we all have unique talents and abilities that we bring to our lives. If we spend our time trying to please everyone, we will have to suppress our unique talents and offerings.

So today we will talk about “Being Attractive” as way of being #3.

Now of course we all know the value of being physically attractive, and we also all know that being physically attractive is not the most important thing.

I want to talk about being personally attractive, or even within the same topic, personally repulsive.

You see, if you have a unique talent, skill, or opinion, you will be attractive to certain people, but at the same time you will be repulsive to others.

For example, give me the name of any famous or successful person that you personally admire, and I can 100% guarantee that for as many people that are attracted to what that person offers, there are just as many people who are repulsed by that person and what they stand for.

I personally experience this every day in my practice.  I stand for natural health care.  I believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  I offer people the ability to reach their health goals without drugs or surgery.  I offer people the ability to actually rebuild their health.

You would think that everyone would be on board with this….right.  Absolutely wrong!  You would not believe how much resistance I experience in my office every day from patients and outside of my office from people who disagree…who think that for everything that ails you there is a pill or a surgery to fix it.

So what should I do?  Should I give in and try to be all things to all people?  Should I go the medical school and start performing surgery and prescribing meds that destroy peoples health instead of rebuild it?

Absolutely not!  I will stand here, and stand for what I have to offer.  If not, you will not have a choice on how you want to handle your health.

The same goes for you.  You may have a personal skill, ability or way of thinking that some people need and want.  It may change their lives for the better.  They are the people you need to focus on.

You are here for a reason.  Make it your personal mission to be who you are in the biggest way possible.  There are people that need you! 

Have a great day….and go be great today!

Dr. Sean Price


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