Be “Curious”

Hello Everyone,

Ok, now that the floors are on track we can get back on subject.  If you remember, last week we were talking about the “ways of being” for people who were successful and happy.

Last week we talked about “being present”, “being certain/confident”, and “being attractive (and repulsive)”.

Today is a trait that if you can master will change your life.  Today it is all about “being curious”

What do I mean by curious?

Basically, curious about those around you.  We have all heard the saying “seek first to understand”

Well what does that mean?  Curiousity leads to affinity.  When we try to communicate with people in our lives it is important to show up “empty”  Let all of your stuff go…empty your mind and heart of all judgements and opinions and try to understand the other person’s world view, and point of view.

When you can do that, when you can try to understand the other persons point of view, you will have affinity.  Once you have an affinity with someone, you can begin to share a common reality with them…and once that happens….you have a true communication, and out of true communication comes a real relationship.

Try it tomorrow.  Show up empty and see how your communication goes.

Have a great night!

Dr. Price

(Dr. Price is a Chiropractor serving the Fort Walton Beach Community.  Dr. Price has had much success in treating patients suffering from Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash (or other injuries suffered in a car accident).  Utilizing his nonsurgical spinal decompression technologies, Dr. Price has helped many patients find long term relief from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, spinal degeneration, herniated discs, buldging discs, and arthritis.  You can find Dr. Price in Fort Walton Beach by visiting or call his office at 850-862-2224.)


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