Do You Want More? Be Grateful!

Hello Everyone,

I have talked about today’s subject many times.  It is so very important to help us keep our positive mental attitude.

The quality that I am talking about is the quality and habit of being grateful.

I was talking to a patient yesterday and she was talking about how much she loved the Easter time of year because everyone was so grateful for everything around them.  As she was talking I could see her face light up, it was a really neat conversation to be a part of.

Sometimes when life gets tough or stress gets to us, we start to feel very negative….and the best way that I know of is to get grateful, and when you start focusing on the incredible blessings that you have in your life, it will totally turn around your mindset.

Think about this in simple terms.  If you give a child one scoop of ice cream and the child starts nagging and asking for a second scoop of ice cream or starts crying because the scoop isnt big enough…how likely are you to want to give the child more ice cream?

But what if you give the child one scoop of ice cream and the child looks at you with complete sincerity and says… ” Thank you so much, this ice cream is so yummy!”

Wouldn’t you want to give the second child more ice cream, even without them asking?  (My kids have figured this one out!)

So if you feel like you need more money in your life, more health in your life, more love in your life…the first step to getting it is to be grateful.  Be grateful for your next paycheck, or the next penny that you find on the ground, stop and give a moment of thanks.

I have shot a video on a technique that I like to use to help get into a state of gratitude, you can see it here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Have a great day and remember to be thankful!

Dr. Price

(Dr. Price is a Chiropractor serving the Fort Walton Beach Community.  Dr. Price has had much success in treating patients suffering from Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash (or other injuries suffered in a car accident).  Utilizing his nonsurgical spinal decompression technologies, Dr. Price has helped many patients find long term relief from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, spinal degeneration, herniated discs, buldging discs, and arthritis.  You can find Dr. Price in Fort Walton Beach by visiting or call his office at 850-862-2224.)


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