Take our 21 Day Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to discuss one of my favorite ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle…exercise.

Man, in the real world, without quoting all of the studies and all of the health “benefits” of exercise, I  have to tell you that there are very few things (aside from getting adjusted regularly) that will make you feel better quicker.

If you are feeling depressed, lethargic, don’t like how you look, or stressed and anxious then you need to start a good exercise program today.

Now I admit that beginning a program is difficult, it is hard to overcome the inertia of not working out, and the first few days of working out can be a little miserable with the soreness and all, but once you get passed that first week you will love your workouts.

So what pointers can I give you about starting a good exercise program?  Well, here are a couple:

1. The most common mistake that I see almost every day is that when people start to work out they dive in 100% and way over do it.  This can lead to major soreness and quite often injuries.  If you are just starting a workout program, start slow.  A simple 15 minute walk per day mixed in with 5-10 minutes of resistance training is plenty to start.  You can even alternate days on those if it makes it easier.  The important thing is to start doing something each day.

2. I have learned in my experiences and studies that it takes 21 days to develope a habit.  So, the way that I like to encourage patients to begin an exercise program is to start with a maximum of 15 minutes for 21 days straight.  (The exception to the 15 min maximum is if you are walking, then you can go up to 30 minutes, but again, keep the time convenient, it is very important to do some form exercise for 21 days in a row.)

3. When you are first starting out, the goal is activity. The goal is developing the habit. The goal is not to see how sore you can get.  Just do some sort of exercise for up to 15 minutes for 21 days.  If you do not get sore, that is ok.

4. Incorporate cardio exercise (walking, biking, swimming etc) and every other day ad in resistence exercise.  You don’t need a gym or dumbells.  I highly recommend bodylastics home gym systems, you can get started for around $45 and do over 100 exercises using the systems.  You can get one here:  http://www.bodylastics.com/1413.html

5. Remember the goal is not to be sore.  At some point during the 21 days you will start to crave your next workout.  This is when you know you have arrived.  Still finish out your 21 days with light exercise, then once you have developed the habit you can begin doing a more intense exercise program.

Alright, set a goal, start your 21 days as soon as possible.

In fact, I have an idea.  I challenge all of you who are having difficulty getting back into exercising to start a 21 day challenge with me on Monday May 2, 2011.

Go to http://www.bodylastics.com/1413.html and get a home gym system, again they start at $45 so it is not expensive.  Starting on Monday May 2, 2010 I will daily post a brief workout for everyone to perform for 21 days straight.

Lets all develope the habit of exercising!

Go ahead and order your resistance bands today so that you can make sure that they are deliverd by May 2 for the 21 day challenge.

Have a great day guys!

Dr. Price

P.S.)  I will be sending out the details on the Massage Membership Program changes on Monday, along with how you can lock yourself into the $39 massage program so keep your eyes out for the email.


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