Tend To Your Garden

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Long ago a man was walking along and found a pile of rocks.

He became inspired…he labored long and hard and took the pile of rocks and the fertile ground surounding the rocks and built a beautiful garden.

One day a stranger walked by and noticed the garden and said “Wow, what a beautiful garden you and God have built!”

The gardner replied…”You are correct, it is a beautiful garden, but you should have seen it when God had it all to himself!”

The moral of the story….just as there was potential in the pile of rocks…there is potential all around us.  Potential in our health, in our relationships, in our finances…in all areas of our lives.

All we have to do is become the “gardner” of our lives.  Put in the effort, learn what needs to be learned…do what needs to be done…and we can create a life to be proud of.

Have a great day.

Dr. Price


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