Car Accidents and Children

Hello Everyone,

So most of last week’s articles were spent talking about car accidents and the fact that 55% of people who were injured in a car accident would suffer from long term chronic pain.

I would like to continue this article series by discussing the importance of having your children checked if they were in the car with you.

You would not believe how many young adults I treat in my practice who have chronic pain and advanced degeneration in their spines which can be traced back directly to a car accident that happened when they were your children.

You see, when you are involved in a car accident, there is kinetic energy that is created (The energy possessed by a body because of its motion, equal to one half the mass of the body times the square of its speed.)  In other words, when two cars collide, their is an energy of motion that is passed from one car to another.

Physics states that in nature, energy follows the path of least resistance.  Well, in a vehicle, your body is the path of least resistance, and in your body, your spine is the part of your body that has the most joints with the most ranges of motion.  So in other words, not only will your body absorb the brunt of the kinetic energy created, in your body your spine will take the most damage.

This is the mechanism by how we are injured as adults in a car accident.  And it doesnt take much speed to be injured.

As you can see by the definition above, there are two factors in kinetic energy.  Mass of the object (vehicle) and the speed of the object (vehicle).

What does this mean, if you are hit by an SUV going a low speed it can cause the same amount of injury as a small vehicle that hit you going a higher speed.  In fact, there have been studys that show that injuries can be sustained in car accidents that happen at speeds that occur as low as 10 mph.

Now, imagine all of this kinetic energy going through a young child’s spine!

In tomorrow article I will discuss why it is of upmost importance to have your children checked after a car accident and I will show you proof of injuries that a child suffered who was having no pain at all.  It could change their life!

Have a great day and drive safe.

Dr. Price

(Dr. Price is a Chiropractor serving the Fort Walton Beach Community.  Dr. Price has had much success in treating patients suffering from Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash (or other injuries suffered in a car accident).  Utilizing his nonsurgical spinal decompression technologies, Dr. Price has helped many patients find long term relief from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica, spinal degeneration, herniated discs, buldging discs, and arthritis.  You can find Dr. Price in Fort Walton Beach by visiting or call his office at 850-862-2224.)


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