Natural Low Back Treatments

Hello Everyone,

In the last few articles we have been discussing the causes and challenges of low back pain in the lives of those of you who are suffering from this common and often debiltating condition.

We have discussed the common causes of low back pain and the medical options for treatment.

Today I will discuss the preferred treatment methods and the preferred treatment order.

So the preferred treatment order for lowback pain would be this:  1. Chiropractic (sometimes combined with massage therapy and nutritional supplementation).  2.  Decompression Therapy (used for chronic conditions or more severe conditions such as bulging discs, sciatica, stenosis, and degenerative joint disease).  3.  Pain medication (for short term use only and only if it wont resolve naturally). 4.  Pain management and surgery (only to be used as last resort due to all of the dangers involved)

The reason that we start with Chiropractic care is because it is save, natural, addresses the actual cause of back pain (abnormal or misplaced structure and function putting pressure on a nerve).  There are very few side effects and this is in my humble opinion the most logical and cost effective solution.

Decompression is extremely successful in treating chronic low back pain.  We have had significant success in helping people who had let their condition go to far to respond to chiropractic alone.  Chronic and painful conditions such as bulging discs, stenosis and degenerative joint disease.  The reason we do not start with decompression in most cases is not because of danger, but instead because of cost as it can be more expensive than Chiropractic care alone.  *****Special note****IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED CHIROPRACTIC CARE IN THIS OFFICE OR IN ANOTHER OFFICE AND YOUR LOW BACK PAIN HAS NOT RESPONDED AS YOU WISH, BEFORE BEGINNING THE MEDICAL TREATMENTS, CALL OUR OFFICE AND WE WILL SEE IF YOU ARE A CANDIDATE FOR DECOMPRESSION THERAPY.  WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THIS INITIAL CONSULTATION.  THIS OFFER IS EXTENDED TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

In my experience, these two treatments will take care of up to 95-98% of low back pain cases.  On rare occasion we will have to refer you out to a medical doctor, but I do emphasize, this is only on very rare occasion.

If you or anyone that you know is suffering from low back pain, get into the office as soon as possible. There is no need to suffer.  And remember my story versus Mary’s story.  Your decisions on how to treat your low back pain could end up being life and death!

Have a great day!

Dr. Price

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