Do Chiropractors Care About Your Pain?

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday!  I hope you all got the kids off to school safely today.  I cannot believe that summer is already over.

Just a quick reminder, dont forget to come by or call the office to get your $30 Gift Certificate to our new Spa in Destin.  This gift

certificate is good for any esthetician service at the spa and you will get yours when you schedule your first appt this week.  This is

our prelaunch week and we are trying to work out the kinks, so I paid for 17 of these gift certificates and I still have a few left…so

come by the office tonight or call me to schedule your service and I will make sure you get your gift certificate.

So back to today’s article.  Have you ever heard that Chiropractors are not really interested in your symptoms?  That Chiropractors are

not really interested in your pain?

Well, the truth is, we are very interested in how you feel.  Your relief is very important to us.  We are trained, however, to take it

one step further.  We are not just looking at your symptoms, we are looking at your FUNCTION!  You see, symptoms are easy to get rid of,

but if you dont return proper function…your body will continue to “mal” function….and your symptoms will return (or some other

manifestation of your problem will occur)

We are trained to help restore normal function.  When you restore normal function then the body can heal itself.  When the body heals

itself then you are able to best fulfill your purpose on this earth.

So…are Chiropractors interested in symptoms?  Absolutely….but it is not just about your back pain, neck pain or headaches…it is

about getting your full health back…that is what we are trained to focus on.

In tomorrows article we will talk about the difference between your pain vs. your problem….and what to do about it.

Have a great day!

Dr. Price


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