Pain vs. Problem

Hello Everyone,

In today’s article I am going to continue from  yesterday’s article, and I am going to explain to you why your symptom is not the most important thing to me….

But first….thank you for all of the interest in the our new “8.0 Spa” in Destin.  A lot of you are taking advantage of our invitation to come in this week for our pre-launch week.  Our Spa in Destin is unique because it is invitaiton only.  And I am giving all of you the first invitations.  We are almost out of our 17 $30 Gift Certificates that I purchased for the First 17 of you.  These can be used toward any service that you receive by Friday of this week.  If you call to get a gift certificate and they are all gone, you are still invited to come out for some wonderful pampering, it will just be at full price.  Call the office at 862-2224 to schedule your appointment today.

Ok….back to the subject at hand.  So the best way to illustrate pain vs. problem is this.  I have three patients that come in to see me:

Patient number 1:  30 year old male suffering from Sciatica (pain shooting down the leg)

Patient number 2:  25 year old female complaining of constipation.

Patient number 3:  50 year old male complaining of erectile dysfunction.

All three of these patients come in to the office.  I sit down with them and do a detailed history.  I do a customized detailed neurological and orthopedic exam.  I shoot their x-rays.

Three different patietns…three different complaints…it makes sense that I would go to the protocols for treating constipation, erectile dysfunction, and sciatica and come up with three different treatment plans. This make sense right?

This would be the procedure if I was treating the “pain” or the “symptom” or the “named condition”.  However…as Chiropractors we are trained to treat the “problem.”  The problem with all three of these Chiropractic patients was a subluxation in the Lumbar Spine, putting pressure on the Lumbar nerve, cause three different expressions of the problem.

Would laxatives, or viagra, or pain pills have fixed this problem?  No, they would have “handled” the symptom…which would have allowed the problem to continue to get worse, and cause more symptoms.

You see, as chiropractors, we do not treat symptoms.  I absolutely do not treat erectile dysfunction, constipation, asthma, infertility, and so on.  I dont even really treat sciatica.  I do not treat symptoms.  I treat cause…. I clear the nerve interferenc in the body and allow the body to heal itself.

This is where the miracles happen.  This is how we change lives.  Once the body begins to heal itself…all kinds of cool stuff happens.

Lets make some cool stuff happen to you today….come on by for an adjustment.

See you soon,

Dr. Price


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