The Dangers of Iodine

Good Morning Everyone,


The problem with iodine is if you walk into a health food store and you tell one of the employees “I have a thyroid condition.  How can I help myself?” they may more than likely give you iodine, which is one of the worse things that you can do!

I myself have made this clinical mistake with patients.  This is the reason that it is so important as physicians to keep studying and to stay on the cutting edge of nutritional therapies!

According to one of the foremost leading thyroid experts and the author of the book, “Why do I still have My Thyroid Symptoms Even When My Lab Tests Are Normal?”, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, taking iodine is like throwing Gasoline on a fire.

Iodine is a red hot supplement these days and as I have mentioned, commonly believed to help people with thyroid conditions.  Depending on your condition, this could be one of the worste things you can do, so dont do it!  Check your multivitamin, does it contain iodine?  If so, do not take it!  It could make you worse!

Granted, iodine is vital to thyroid function.  It is a major cofactor and stimulatio for that enzyme, TPO.  So for many it is a valuable addition to their nutritional arsenal.  However, for a person with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, for a person with autoimmune thyroid, for a person where their immune system is attacking their thyroid, supplementing with iodine is literally throwing gasoline on a fire.

Iodine stimulates the production of TPO.  This in turn, increases levels of TPO antibodies dramatically, which indicates an auto-immune flare up.  Some people develope symptoms of an overactive thyroid, while others have no symptoms despite the tests showing elevated levels of TPO antibodies; this is why you need to run the tests.  I always advise anyone with auto-immune thyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis to avoid supplements containing iodine- and yes, this also includes multivitamins.

You would be amazed at how many people walk into my door with severe thyroid conditions and they are taking a multivitamin and many other supplements thinking they are helping themselves and they are actually hurting themselves because they ar making their condition worse.

They are overstimulating or exceeding metabolic capacity of their immune system and it is causing a “massive fire” that attacks their thyroid.  Now I know this seems confusing, but the reality is that most health care professionals have no idea of the testing that needs to be done to get a thorough work- up completed on a Hashimoto’s thyroid patient.

I am going to be addressing those tests in future secrets, but, trust me, ou need a thorough work up.  In fact, most patients who are suffering with chronic thyroid problems, who are taking medications and they still have symptoms even though their lab tests are “normal”, they need a thorough work-up.  The need the tests done.

Do not suffer another minute!  Call our office at 862-2224 to schedule a free consultation!

Have a great day!

Dr. Price


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