Medications As a Crutch

Hello Everyone,

Thyroid Success Secret #22

Don’t Use Medications as a Crutch

Are you relying solely on medication to treat your symptoms?  Ask yourself if you really think all of the medication that you are taking is actually making your body functional or healthy.  Is it really fixing your symptoms?  Think about this:  If you gave the medication that you are taking to a healhty person, would they remain healthy or would they become sick?  They would become sick!  All medications have side effects.

All you are doing with medications is covering up symptoms.  You are also creating unwanted side effects, which may in the long run make you worse.  I cannot tell you how many people I have seen in their eighties that started off with one or two medications in their thirties, ended up with four or five meds in their 50’s, and now in their 80’s they are taking thirteen to fifteem medications!

Don’t think that you need a medication to be healthy.  And do not get me wrong; I am not saying to stop taking your medications this minute.  But…as we test you and we are managing you and we are retesting you, you are bound to improve, and, eventually, you can go back to your medical doctor, and you can ask him to manage your medications appropriately (which can quite often mean discontinuing the meds or decreasing the dosage).

Our goal is to get to the cause of your problem.  We want to reverse your symptoms.  We want to get to the root cause of the malfunction in your body and get the problem taken care of…to allow your body to function properly!

Call us if we can help….

Dr. Price


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