Take Action Now

Hello Everyone,

Thyroid Success Secret #24

Take Action Now!

Take action!  Do not think it is going to get better on its own.  See, many people think that once they are taking medication, their problem isn’t going to get any worse or there is nothing to worry about.  And this isn’t true.  The reality is you’re either getting better or your getting worse- you are not staying the same.

So if you sit and wait around for it to just go away on its own or you sit and think that you cannot do anything and that you will be just fine, you falling into a deep, dark well.  Avoid this type of thinking at all costs.  Remember to get tested, managed, and retested functionally or optimally.  Remember that M.D.’s use lab values that are very broad and wide.  And you want lab values that are much narrower, those optimal or functional levels.  Once you get properly tested and managed, then, and only then, will your symptoms go away.

Call if we can help!

Dr. Price


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