Dr. Price- Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor Discusses HRT

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Everyone always says that we Chiropractors are crazy because we keep on saying that it is not safe to change the body’s normal functions through medication, whether over the counter or perscription.

Here is a recent study from the University of Copenhagen that you may find interesting:

“Birth control pills are already known to rais women’s risk of developing serious blood clots, but nonoral hormonal contraceptives such as patches and vaginal rings carry an even greater risk.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 1.6 million healthy women and found that those who took the pill had triple the clot risk than those who used no hormonal birth control.  But women who used skin patches had a whopping eight times the risk, while those who used vaginal rings had a 6.5 increased risk.”

Again, this was according to a University of Copenhagen study.

Dr. Price’s comments:

We all know the dangers of using hormonal birth control.  Over the last couple of years we have become aware of the increased cancer risks of hormone replacement therapies.  Well be warned, the new “trend” is bioidenticla hormone replacement therapy.

This therapy is very popular right now…but I truly believe, again, that not addressing the cause of the problem in the body, and using external sources to treat the symptom will cause more imbalance and greater dysfunction in the body for those who utilize this therapy long term.  It may take 10 – 20 years for the medical establishment to “discover” these dangers, but it will happen.

What is the better option?  To get tested, see where your body is malfunctioning, and treat the body neurologically and metabolically to restore function…then let the body function on its own.  This is true healing…not merely the treatmentof symptoms.

Everyone have a great Tuesday!

Dr. Price



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