14 Keys to Maximize Energy and Reduce Stress- Part 1

Good Afternoon,

I have been putting together information for a new report/book that I am writing and I have compiled some very surprising data that I want to share with you.

Did you know:

The average person lives to be 78 years of age in America, this comes out to be 4,056 weeks

How much longer do you have?  Take you age and subtract it from 78.  Once you have that number, multiply it by 52.  That is how many weeks you have left to live.

So for myself for example, I am 41 years old so I would subtract 41 from 78 to get 37years.  Multiply 37 years by 52 weeks in a year and I have 1924 weeks left to live.

Man, that gives me a little more sense of urgency about enjoying life!

How about you, what is your number?  Does that give you a different perspective on the value of time?

Well, here is the secret…you and God are the ones that control that number! How do you control that number?

By the thoughts you hold in your mind, by the words you speak, and by the actions you take.  And you control all three of those.

Your decisions, words, thoughts and actions either lengthen this number or shorten this number.

Think about this….every thought, decision, and word you have controlled over the last 20 years have gotten you to this point.  What is your life going to look like 20 years from now? 

Well, that is why we are here in our practice…to help you increase your number and help your next 20 years be better than your last 20 years!

I want to help you reinvent your life by teaching you the strategies to live up to your God given talent.  This is mission number one in my office.

Mission number 2 is to have maximum positive impact on every person that I come in contact with, and mission number 3 is to provide you with an exit strategy…to teach you what you need to know to live your life free of doctors and health issues…to live your life on your terms and up to your God given potential.

This is what the next several articles will be about….so keep an eye on your in box…

Talk with you soon,

Dr. Price



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