The Truth About ObamaCare

Good Morning,

So what is the biggest threat to your health?  I will get to that in just a moment, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss current events.

I am sure that you read that the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare last week.  This is going to have a huge effect on your healthcare if it does continue on in its implementation.

If we end up going to a national healthcare system, your health will no longer be in control of the Doctor’s that you see, it will be controlled by a beaurocrat sitting in an office in Washington crunching numbers and saying what the Doctors are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.

As an example, right now medicare only allows Chiropractors to charge for the Chiropractic adjustment.  They require us to do an examination and all but require the xrays to prove the need for a chiropractic adjustment.  They “allow” as many treatments as are medically necessary.  However, as a Chiropractor it is practically impossible to prove medical necessity beyond 12 visits per year under the medicare guidelines.  In otherwords, they limit what we can do for our patients, and what services we can provide for our patients.

This is the model that this national plan will follow.  On top of that, the reimbursement from medicare makes it so that a physician must see double to triple the patients do to the low reimbursement.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means less time with your doctor and longer wait times to be seen.  I have heard stories of patients in Canada having to wait 3 months to see a Cardiologist after a heart attack.  3 months after a heart attack!  They will be lucky to live that long!

So you have to take charge of your health now, while you still have it.  You have to improve your health now, while you still can.  You need to make sure that you can be here for those that you care about, to provide for them and to be there emotionally for them.

I had planned on going into the biggest threat for to your health in this article, however, I have already been a little long winded.  Sorry for that, I just feel it is important to understand that your health is your responsibility…not the government’s, not your insurance company, not even McDonalds for making you eat fatty foods, it is all your responsibility.  Every day you make choices that effect your health either positively or negatively.  It is the accumilation of these choices that affect the quality of your life….it is the accumilation of these choices that is the cause of your current state of health…whether good or bad…it has all been up to you!

Stay tuned for next weeks article and we will begin to go into what these threats are to your health and how to maximize your energy and minimize stress.

Watching your back,

Dr. Price


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