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“Why am I so tired?”

Why are you still tired all of the time even though your lab tests are “normal?”


I have a question for you.  Why do you think that many people suffer from thyroid symptoms when their lab tests are still normal?  Why would someone still have thyroid symptoms when the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is between .35 and 5.0 which is the “normal lab range?”

Most likely, the physician ordering the tests only ordered one thyroid test, which is the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).  The doc may have ordered other metabolic tests such as a CBC, Lipid panel, etc…but as far as the thyroid is concerned, many times the TSH is the only one ordered.  Once the TSH is seen to be in between the broad range of .35 to .5 then you are considered normal, there is nothing wrong with you.  But- and this is a huge “but”– the optimal level or “functional level” for TSH is 1.8 to 3.0.

So you could still be normal in the eyes of medicine and typical normal values but abnormal in the functional or optimal range.

Normally it is only when your range is above 5.0 that your medical doctor will put you on a thyroid hormone such as Synthroid or the generic levothyroxine.

But as I mentioned, in a typical physicians eyes, if your thyroid TSH is within .35 to 5.0 then YOU ARE NORMAL!  There is nothing wrong with you.  “It’s all in your head!”

Even though you may be experiencing thyroid symptoms: extreme fatigue, hair falling out, intolerance to cold, easy weight gain, etc…you are NORMAL!  Well, you and I both know that someone suffering from these symptoms are not normal!  If you were, you wouldn’t be suffering from these symptoms.

You could be within the normal .35 to 5.0 but still be outside of the normal functional range of 1.8 to 3.0.

Your TSH level could be at 4.2, and that is why you are having the problem; it is outside the “optimal” or “functional” range.

The same is true for any other of the thyroid blood tests such as total thyroxine (TT4), Free Thyroxine index (FTI), Free Thyroxine (FT4), Free Triodothyroxine (FT3), and the three or four other tests that need to be run on your thyroid to get to the exact cause of your problem.

If you know someone who is suffering from thyroid symptoms or has a thyroid condition, have them give us a call at 850-862-2224 for a free consultation.



The Truth About ObamaCare

Good Morning,

So what is the biggest threat to your health?  I will get to that in just a moment, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss current events.

I am sure that you read that the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare last week.  This is going to have a huge effect on your healthcare if it does continue on in its implementation.

If we end up going to a national healthcare system, your health will no longer be in control of the Doctor’s that you see, it will be controlled by a beaurocrat sitting in an office in Washington crunching numbers and saying what the Doctors are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.

As an example, right now medicare only allows Chiropractors to charge for the Chiropractic adjustment.  They require us to do an examination and all but require the xrays to prove the need for a chiropractic adjustment.  They “allow” as many treatments as are medically necessary.  However, as a Chiropractor it is practically impossible to prove medical necessity beyond 12 visits per year under the medicare guidelines.  In otherwords, they limit what we can do for our patients, and what services we can provide for our patients.

This is the model that this national plan will follow.  On top of that, the reimbursement from medicare makes it so that a physician must see double to triple the patients do to the low reimbursement.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means less time with your doctor and longer wait times to be seen.  I have heard stories of patients in Canada having to wait 3 months to see a Cardiologist after a heart attack.  3 months after a heart attack!  They will be lucky to live that long!

So you have to take charge of your health now, while you still have it.  You have to improve your health now, while you still can.  You need to make sure that you can be here for those that you care about, to provide for them and to be there emotionally for them.

I had planned on going into the biggest threat for to your health in this article, however, I have already been a little long winded.  Sorry for that, I just feel it is important to understand that your health is your responsibility…not the government’s, not your insurance company, not even McDonalds for making you eat fatty foods, it is all your responsibility.  Every day you make choices that effect your health either positively or negatively.  It is the accumilation of these choices that affect the quality of your life….it is the accumilation of these choices that is the cause of your current state of health…whether good or bad…it has all been up to you!

Stay tuned for next weeks article and we will begin to go into what these threats are to your health and how to maximize your energy and minimize stress.

Watching your back,

Dr. Price

Good Afternoon,…

Good Afternoon,

In our last article we talked about our mission with this practice and the three keys that we feel are important in good care to our patients.

If you missed that article, you can read it here:

Today I want to talk about why it is so important to follow the 14 keys to maximizing energy and minimizing stress.

The truth is, the way that we do things in our society is not working.

Here are a few stats to prove it:

21% of all Americans age 18-65 are on 3 or more meds 11% of all Americans age 18-65 are on 5 or more meds 52% of ALL WOMEN are on at least one medication 25% of all Children are on at least 1 medication 90% of all seniors are on at least 1 medication 65% of all seniors are on at least 3 medications 37% of all seniors are on at least 5 medications

According to the world health organization we make up only 5% of the worlds population and yet we consume 47% of all medicationused world wide, and we are actually ranked 50th in the world in overall health!

France is rated number 1 and we actually spend 4 times more on health care. 

Now here is the kicker…with all of this money being spent and all of these medications being consumed, you would think that we were getting somewhere with the fight against disease, right?  Wrong…can any of you name one disease that has been irradicated by medicine since 1960?

So what is the answer?  Well, in my opinion we do not need better medicines, we need better Doctors!  We need doctors that are manage the whole person, not just the part of the person that is having symptoms….we need Doctors that go after the cause!

That is what we strive to do here in the office, we use objective measurements that evaluate you as a whole person, everything from detailed comprehensive neurological exams, surface emg and electromyography tests, blood work, saliva testing, stool testing, urine testing, hair analysis….in other words, we dont guess, we test!

This is what we do in our office, it is our goal to drive your body to true health which is 100% funtion of 100% of your body 100% of the time.  Some of you may be able to get there, some of you may have problems too severe to get all the way to 100% function…but what I can promise you is that I will do everything in my power to help you acheive as close to 100% health as I possibly can!

If you are a new patient or an existing patient and would like us to dig deeper into your body’s health and function…and reinvent your life… call the office and tell Teresa you would like the “Complete Neuro/Metabolic Evaluation.”

In our next article we will get into the actual 14 keys to maximizing your energy and reducing your stress.

Keep an eye on your in box.

Have a great day,

Dr. Price

14 Keys to Maximize Energy and Reduce Stress- Part 1

Good Afternoon,

I have been putting together information for a new report/book that I am writing and I have compiled some very surprising data that I want to share with you.

Did you know:

The average person lives to be 78 years of age in America, this comes out to be 4,056 weeks

How much longer do you have?  Take you age and subtract it from 78.  Once you have that number, multiply it by 52.  That is how many weeks you have left to live.

So for myself for example, I am 41 years old so I would subtract 41 from 78 to get 37years.  Multiply 37 years by 52 weeks in a year and I have 1924 weeks left to live.

Man, that gives me a little more sense of urgency about enjoying life!

How about you, what is your number?  Does that give you a different perspective on the value of time?

Well, here is the secret…you and God are the ones that control that number! How do you control that number?

By the thoughts you hold in your mind, by the words you speak, and by the actions you take.  And you control all three of those.

Your decisions, words, thoughts and actions either lengthen this number or shorten this number.

Think about this….every thought, decision, and word you have controlled over the last 20 years have gotten you to this point.  What is your life going to look like 20 years from now? 

Well, that is why we are here in our practice…to help you increase your number and help your next 20 years be better than your last 20 years!

I want to help you reinvent your life by teaching you the strategies to live up to your God given talent.  This is mission number one in my office.

Mission number 2 is to have maximum positive impact on every person that I come in contact with, and mission number 3 is to provide you with an exit strategy…to teach you what you need to know to live your life free of doctors and health issues…to live your life on your terms and up to your God given potential.

This is what the next several articles will be about….so keep an eye on your in box…

Talk with you soon,

Dr. Price

Dr. Price- Fort Walton Beach Chiropractor Discusses HRT

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Everyone always says that we Chiropractors are crazy because we keep on saying that it is not safe to change the body’s normal functions through medication, whether over the counter or perscription.

Here is a recent study from the University of Copenhagen that you may find interesting:

“Birth control pills are already known to rais women’s risk of developing serious blood clots, but nonoral hormonal contraceptives such as patches and vaginal rings carry an even greater risk.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 1.6 million healthy women and found that those who took the pill had triple the clot risk than those who used no hormonal birth control.  But women who used skin patches had a whopping eight times the risk, while those who used vaginal rings had a 6.5 increased risk.”

Again, this was according to a University of Copenhagen study.

Dr. Price’s comments:

We all know the dangers of using hormonal birth control.  Over the last couple of years we have become aware of the increased cancer risks of hormone replacement therapies.  Well be warned, the new “trend” is bioidenticla hormone replacement therapy.

This therapy is very popular right now…but I truly believe, again, that not addressing the cause of the problem in the body, and using external sources to treat the symptom will cause more imbalance and greater dysfunction in the body for those who utilize this therapy long term.  It may take 10 – 20 years for the medical establishment to “discover” these dangers, but it will happen.

What is the better option?  To get tested, see where your body is malfunctioning, and treat the body neurologically and metabolically to restore function…then let the body function on its own.  This is true healing…not merely the treatmentof symptoms.

Everyone have a great Tuesday!

Dr. Price

Take Action Now

Hello Everyone,

Thyroid Success Secret #24

Take Action Now!

Take action!  Do not think it is going to get better on its own.  See, many people think that once they are taking medication, their problem isn’t going to get any worse or there is nothing to worry about.  And this isn’t true.  The reality is you’re either getting better or your getting worse- you are not staying the same.

So if you sit and wait around for it to just go away on its own or you sit and think that you cannot do anything and that you will be just fine, you falling into a deep, dark well.  Avoid this type of thinking at all costs.  Remember to get tested, managed, and retested functionally or optimally.  Remember that M.D.’s use lab values that are very broad and wide.  And you want lab values that are much narrower, those optimal or functional levels.  Once you get properly tested and managed, then, and only then, will your symptoms go away.

Call if we can help!

Dr. Price

Control Your Health Destiny!

Hello Everyone,

Thyroid Success Secret #23

Control Your Health Destiny!

No one else is responsible for your health!  YOU are responsible for your health!  Take your health care into your own hands!  We are trained to believe that medical doctors know best, and what the doctor says is the best thing.  It is true, medical doctors are doctors; they have pure intentions; they treat people; and they want to help people, but the reality is that just writing a script and throwing a medication at a person isnt actually treating the patient and it isnt necessarily in the best interest of the patient.  Proper testing must be done.

With something as complex as hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Grave’s disease, you have to literally grab the bull by the horns and take charge.  it is your life.  It is your body.  What are you going to do for the next 30-40 years?  Are you ging to accept the status quo and continue to push from M.D. to M.D. only to find out that they have no answer for you?  It is up to you.  Nobody is going to care about you more than you.  You need to take action.  You need to get the testing done.  You need a thorough work-up.  Nothing else is going to help you with your thyroid condition more than the proper testing and treatment.

Call us if we can help!

Dr. Price